Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Completewomen

Womenandfinance (finance4women) is pleased to welcome on board


A confident ?#?business? ?#?woman?, having profound experience of 10 years in Import Export Trade, with two master degrees of MBA and M.Com

With tremendously great knowledge on ?#?Indian? ?#?agriculture? product exports, She is now ?#?entrepreneur? and working ?#?independently? with the firm named Lotus AgriLinks.

She has taken many workshops and seminars related to international business, personal grooming and motivation.
?#?Communication? skills and ?#?body? language is her favorite topic to discuss.

She is also actively associated with an ?#?NGO? in pune, which is working for animal care and welfare.

Other than being a successful business person, she is also very much interested in photography, fashion and style, health and beauty and other arts like interior designing and cooking.

She is full of positive energy and enthusiasm about life and thinks that there are endless things to do in life and 24 hours are not enough to achieve them!

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