Sunday, March 1, 2015

The completewoman

Thecompletewoman (earlier womenandfinance) is pleased to welcome on Board;
Suchita Ambardekar
Founder and owner of “Tecwealth” – a new brand in the field of financial planning & wealth creation. It has very interesting Punch Line “Start a new start”
Suchita, Kicked off her professional journey as an Entrepreneur. She joined her family business of Tristate Medical Equipment (India) Pvt Ltd. and within a short period, in 1997, her excellent leadership skills positioned the company as a pioneer in Patient Home Care Equipment’s, and created the brand Pulmo aid-Nebulizer in India.
Apart from business development, she is excelled in Accounts, Finance and Logistics. Her inclination towards money management, finance & analytical skill pushed her to make debut in financial and investment world in 2000.
She initially started Investing with her own & family funds. However, with her continuous study of the market and prudent practical application of her expert theoretical knowledge made her an expert in the field of technical analysis.
She started guiding and mentoring investors and became a blogger on personal finance and technical analysis in 2008.
She has articulated for the first time in India as an individual technical analyst, her own technical trend analysis for Gold, silver, Crude, Indices, currency & stocks. The basis of her technical analysis theory is under the philosophical premises of “Simple Technical Analysis.”
She applies her expert knowledge to create a blend of financial planning & wealth management to ensure wealth creation by creating a security of invested amount through emergency planning, mitigating risk management for individual investors.
Her knowledge bag consists of Number of certifications such as Certifications in Mutual Fund, Derivative & Options, Currency Derivatives, Commodities, Technical Analysis & Equity.
Apart from being a financial wizard, she is a passionate kathak dancer (scored first class in kathak examination), garba singer, a lover and appreciator of Urdu poetry and is a self-confessed foodie.

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