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Our survey says that women have following abilities which make them a natural prudent financial planner:
- Natural Saving habit
- Taking risk after going through all details
- Evaluating various options (even in small shopping they do it)
- Patience
- Consistency
- Long term goal approach
- Less speculative
So, you are born to become planner.
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Treatment of House Rent/HRA for Tax Calculations

Treatment of House Rent/HRA for Tax Calculations:
1 . If an employee is getting House Rent Allowance (HRA) from the employer Exemption will be available u/s. 10(13A), which will be least of the following :
A) Actual amount received by the assesse
B) Actual amount paid towards less 10% of salary
C) 50% of the salary (in case of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai) and 40% in any other case
2. If an employee is not getting HRA Deduction will be available u/s. 80GG, which will be least of the following :
A) Rent paid less 10% of Adjusted Total Income
B) Rs. 2000/- p.m.
C) 25% of Adjusted Total Income.
its time to change the scenario..
- make your own financial portfolio,
-be it
- Bank accounts/Bank FDs
- Gold / Silver
- Real Estate (s)
- Equities
- Bonds
- Tax Planning
- Budget for House/Business
- Financial Planning for:
- study, marriage, kids schooling, vacations, home, car

Story of successful Indian Entrepreneur (Female)

Story of successful Indian Entrepreneur (Female).
Name: Naina Lal Kidwai,
Current position: Group General Manager & Country Head - HSBC,India
Kidwai has a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Delhi university and then she pursued MBA from Harvard Business school. She was the first Indian woman to graduate from Harvard Business School.
She started her career with ANZ Grindlays . Presently, she is also serving as a non-executive director on the board of Nestle SA. Kidwai is also global adviser at Harvard Business school.
Indian government conferred Padma Shri award on Naina Kidwai for her contributions in the field of Trade and Industry.

Story of successful Indian Entrepreneur (Female)

Story of successful Indian Entrepreneur (Female).
Name: Indra Nooyi,
Current position: Current Chairman & CFO, Pepsico (Second largest food and beverages business).
She was born in Chennai and she did her Bachelor’s in Science from Madras Christian College in 1974 and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (MBA) from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta in 1976.
Beginning her career in India, Nooyi held product manager positions at Johnson & Johnson and textile firm Mettur Beardsell. Nooyi joined PepsiCo in 1994 and was named president and CFO in 2001.
She has been awarded with prestigious Padma Bhushan for her business achievements and being an inspiration to India’s corporate leadership.


finance4women (womenandfinance) welcomes on board as an expert editor and contributor "Sapna Tiwari"' a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER with about a decade's experience into training industry. She holds CFP certification, a post graduate in Economic Administration and Financial Management, Certified Personal Financial Advisor and Licentiate from Insurance Institute of India. NSE's certifications in equity market, derivatives market and mutual funds as well.

Right or wrong

Right or wrong, the way a person looks is the only yardstick you have for measuring people”, says Erma Bombeck.
People make strong and lasting impressions based on what meet their eyes, in flash time of 3 to 30 seconds. Your Visual communication plays a vital role here. The way you dress, groom and carry yourself talks a whole about you.
In this age of competition, one needs to project a sharp Image and sustain that through the display of soft skills, for a steadfast growth.
"Impeccable Grooming with Instinctive Manners" is the Mantra. The co-ordination of both ensures a magical, yet maintainable makeshift in one’s life.
Looking forward to enrich our lives through the applicable knowledge of the same.

In continuation to our Mantra

In continuation to our Mantra, “Impeccable Grooming with Instinctive Manners”, time to explore the former part.
Let’s have it straight from the horse’s mouth. The legend, Brian Tracy quotes, “People do judge you by the way you look on the outside.”
An appropriate thing to do is dress for what you aspire to be, not what you are. As per a statistic your visual communication commands humongous eighty percent of the total. And fifty percent of that is just the CLOTHES.

In continuation to our Mantra

In continuation to our Mantra, "Impeccable Grooming with Instinctive Manners", time to explore the later part today.
Success is nothing but a beautiful blend of hard skills and soft skills, glorified with the Image one projects. While a degree/hard skills helps get a job, the progress and popularity would largely depend on the soft skill.
In simple words, the hard stuff for success is soft skills.

Do you know_ _ _ _ _ you would need approx.

Do you know_ _ _ _ _ you would need approx. INR 2 Crores in your hand the day you retire to maintain a basic comfortable life during your retirement phase. (Assuming you spend INR 30000 per month now and you would retire 25 years from now)
Bit shocking….isn’t it!!!
Now let me ask how many of you have already started planning for your retirement?
If not, start planning for it today as tomorrow never arrives, I am sure none of you would want to spoil your golden years worrying about meeting day to day living cost; when you should actually sit back carefree enjoying your achievements and proud of your decisions you took early in your life.

The way you dress directly affects the way you think

The way you dress directly affects the way you think, behave and response you get. Get into a habit of treating your clothing as a resource. A resource that helps achieve your goals faster and easier.

Of all the soft skills one can acquire

Of all the soft skills one can acquire, pivotal remains the mindset. Precisely the growth mindset. Attitude decides your altitude in life. And gratitude, they say is THE BEST attitude.
"In middle of the mess, I forget how blessed I am"
Let us make it a point to express our gratitude today for any one thing.
To start with the same, I am thankful for this opportunity to be on board ?#?womenandfinance? and share my knowledge/experience on Image Management and Soft Skill. What are you thankful for?

Make-up has always been attracting all of us

Make-up has always been attracting all of us. One of the common query from professional women is, "Is make-up necessary at office?"
Well, the answer is YES. Professional make up always helps. With your hair and make up done neatly, your confidence raises.
Of course the segment you work has to be considered.

MONDAY morning

MONDAY morning blues or MONDAY morning Bliss
If we take the ownership and love the job/work enough to feel it’s MINE, Monday morning is indeed bliss!!
I love Mondays. Have a great week ahead.


Finance4women is pleased to welcome and introduce to you all,
Ammisha Shah, a certified and experienced Image Makeover consultant, she has conducted many workshops on various topics and one of them is for Tata memorial Cancer hospital.
She got married early, but never gave up her willingness to do something different. Her creative mindset brought her to image makeover consultancy and now she is a successful image makeover consultant in Mumbai.
She has also joined our initiative, finance4women to contribute her articles and workshops on soft skills and image make-over.

"Devil is in the Details"

"Devil is in the Details". And grooming is all about detailing. The way you do your hair, keep your nails, match your shoes, the way you smell(or not) and so on. These are the details that make or break your Image. Make your details work for you and not against you.


Finance4women (womendandfinance) pleased to introduce and welcome on board KALPNA DAVE certified Image Consultant, founder and chairperson of “Real Impressions”
Being hailed from the United Kingdom, the home for Fashion, Style and Etiquettes, fashion and creativity has always been a significant area of her living.
She firmly believes that it is vital to look and feel as amazing on the outside as you are in the inside.
Her experiences from working and travelling around the world enables her to listen, care and provide effective solutions to uplift your personality and exhibit your talent through her Image Management program which includes, Evaluation of your Lifestyle, Personal Style, Body and Face shape, Colour, Grooming and Hygiene, Communication Skills, Etiquettes, Body Language, Wardrobe Evaluation, Personal Shopping and much more…….
Export/Import/International Trade is one of the hot industries of the new era. But it's not new. History reflects about the great groups of people with their cargoes of garments and food. Go back even further back to prehistoric men trading shells and salt to distant communities. International business exists because one country has a supply of few products that is in demand by another. The world is becoming more and more technologically advanced and Globalized, and we are going towards one-world modes of thought, international business is becoming more and more rewarding, both in terms of Name, Fame, Status and Profit. Women of new era are becoming aware of it and becoming part of this trade and playing big role now a days. They are choosing it as their career and having all benefits.


                                   Let's make sure to put our best foot forward....ALWAYS!!

Guaranteed returns !!

                                     The safest of all investments is the investment in self. 
                                                             Guaranteed returns !!

A life lesson as well

                                                 A life lesson as well : Do Not Look Back

What is style ?

                                                                    What is style ?

Be Creative

                                                Now who said laces are only for shoes!!
                                   Be creative. Add that pop of color and make it interesting!!

Compassion is the key

                            Compassion is the key. And we women are naturally blessed with it.
                                 When dealing with others, use your heart..... how thoughtful!!

Your walk says a lot about you ...,hence....

                                                  Your walk says a lot about you ...,hence....

Elegance is more about your grace and poise than about the new clothes

                   Elegance is more about your grace and poise than about the new clothes    


Finance4women (womenandfinance) is pleased to introduce and welcome on board, RAVNEET KOCHAR ,an Image Consultant and a Soft Skills trainer from ICBI- Image Consulting Business Institute.
After completing her Masters, Ravneet wanted to pursue her passion, which was Fashion. That brought her to the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) to do her Master of Fashion Management with a major in Retail and Visual Merchandising.
Since her childhood, she had an innate need to help the people around her to grow and prosper. Armed with her previous academic background and this desire to help people she decided to dive in deep into the service industry sector.
ICBI came into the picture to nurture and provide direction, train and certify. Equipped with the team of ICBI behind her, the curriculum developed by Judith Rasband (one of the pioneer Image Consultants in the world) and a drive to empower people with the confidence to succeed in life, Ravneet now helps people to transform their lives.
Professionally Ravneet has been in the training sector since 2 years that includes a clientele of individuals and corporates. She has also conducted various workshops across the city of Ahmedabad.


Finance4women (womenandfinance) is pleased to introduce and welcome JAMIE DAVE,
Born in Manchester, United Kingdom - SHE is a journalist and a fashion consultant. She pursued a degree in Fashion marketing and management from Singapore and has travelled extensively. Having lived in Singapore, London and India – she started seeing the world with different eyes.
To name a few she has worked for various companies and publications like Ninewest and Harper’s Bazaar which drastically changed the idea of her fashion perseverance.
Being a part of IIFA Extravaganza, the Zee Cine Awards, working with the ace choreographers, several celebrities and organizing international fashion shows has nurtured her into the person she is today.
Armed with confidence and beauty, she stormed through the Miss Taj India beauty pageant – acquiring the main title. The success opened its doors and she strives to empower woman around the world.


Finance4women (womenandfinance) pleased to introduce and welcome on board ANNEKA DAVE
Being hailed from Manchester, United Kingdom, SHE is the founder of a fashion and lifestyle blog named The Style Palette.
Apart from her blog, Anneka is currently a part of the no.1 fashion university in the world, University of Arts London. Being an ardent traveler, she believes knowledge and education are best gained through real-life experiences and challenges.
Social causes have always been dear to her and so she started volunteering for fundraising events,social events,etc with C.R.Y. from the tender age of 16 and continues to contribute her share every now and then.
Her past boasts include working with Vogue photographers, producing documentary fashion films,publishing a personal magazine for The Style Palette, modelling, winning the Miss B.G.S. title,2013, hosting events with IFIM group of events and writing fashion articles to name a few.
With her significant drive for performing arts, Anneka has staged and performed over 40 dance shows on screen and off and is a professional Contemporary and Bollywood dancer and a mid level Merengue and Salsa performer.
Adorned with charm and grace, she is a risk taker and an enthusiast who strongly believes there is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.


Finance4women (womenandfinance) is pleased to welcome on board and introduce
She has done Master in ?#?family? business from S.P.Jain Institute of Research & Development, Mumbai with high rank and also a course in ?#?Food? & ?#?Nutrition?.
At present she is managing her #family business and a well equipped graphic designing studio. 
She is also contributing her articles in ?#?Magazine? “Sadguru Echoes” on health and nutrition.
She is actively engaged in various social activities thro NGOs and Trusts.
Lets welcome another talented ?#?WOMEN? in our team.

The Completewomen

Womenandfinance (finance4women) is pleased to welcome on board


A confident ?#?business? ?#?woman?, having profound experience of 10 years in Import Export Trade, with two master degrees of MBA and M.Com

With tremendously great knowledge on ?#?Indian? ?#?agriculture? product exports, She is now ?#?entrepreneur? and working ?#?independently? with the firm named Lotus AgriLinks.

She has taken many workshops and seminars related to international business, personal grooming and motivation.
?#?Communication? skills and ?#?body? language is her favorite topic to discuss.

She is also actively associated with an ?#?NGO? in pune, which is working for animal care and welfare.

Other than being a successful business person, she is also very much interested in photography, fashion and style, health and beauty and other arts like interior designing and cooking.

She is full of positive energy and enthusiasm about life and thinks that there are endless things to do in life and 24 hours are not enough to achieve them!

Hey ?#?woman?, write your ?#?stories?

Hey ?#?woman?, write your ?#?stories?, let the whole world know what you are & ?#?inspire? other women. We will publish it on our upcoming website

Dress with confidence

Dress with confidence

Breaking through the 21st century isn’t easy if you don’t dress to impress. There goes a deep understanding behind the intense interest in clothes - your outfit will alter with how you approach and interact with the world. Invest in yourself – be it your wardrobe or yourself.
Dress with style and confidence and you’re ready to conquer the world. The way we dress has a profound effect on how we feel about ourselves, greatly affecting our self-esteem and therefore our posture, our confidence when we speak, and that again feeds back into the impression we are giving off to others. The best way for me to suggest giving yourself a confidence boost through fashion is to see your clothes as pieces of armour. Lastly, look out for a style icon and be inspired but never compare yourself with them because personality begins where comparison ends.

Fashion fades

 Fashion fades.Style is eternal.
Rumours have it! January 29,1971 - Recall your art and design history??Yes! One of the most scandalous collections was on stage on this very historic day.On this day, ace designer Yves Saint Laurent showcased his Spring/Summer 1971 haute couture collection in his rue Spontini couture house. Ispired by the 40's, the line featured quite a rage exclusively due to the short dresses,platform heels,heavy make-up and pinstriped suits. This was News!But not all news are good news i suppose!So after being harshly criticized for using the Nazi occupation, the designer boldly stated, "What do I want to do? Shock people and force them to think."
This was a major issue in the 70's but today, as well all know, the fashion industry has a huge impact on androgynous styling and is comfortable in seeing women in suits and makeup.So here are a few modified styling tricks to revive YSL's major contribution in today's world of fashion!
*for more insights and information visit :…/stylepost-82…/

The core secret to most of the successful women.

                                 The core secret to most of the successful women.
                                  When you help others in succeeding, your success is guaranteed.

?#?women? ?#?empowerment?

                                                     ?#?women? ?#?empowerment?

One woman can make a difference BUT together we can rock the world.

                       One woman can make a difference BUT together we can rock the world.

Belief is most important tool of your personality

                                      Belief is most important tool of your personality

Ten easy yet effective ways to beat the blues.

                                              Ten easy yet effective ways to beat the blues.
                                                           Stress less and Live more !!

The 3 requisites of a Cultured individual today

The 3 requisites of a Cultured individual today.... knowing how to take advantage of these gives one an edge

A home is a reflection of our thoughts

A home is a reflection of our thoughts, our environment and our lifestyle. A good interior design can turn a concrete house into the serene HOME. Be it contemporary or traditional, a well made and neat interior can be first impression of one’s personality. Simple yet sophisticated designs can make the home world’s most peaceful place to live.

I know my worth

I know my worth. I know what a wo!nderful person I am. I know how to be strong when I have to be. I know all these things because...................... I am a woman!

Excellent Quotes

The women - They believed, they could, so they did....

                                  The women - They believed, they could, so they did....